Tuesday, July 5, 2011

School Holidays

Well the first two terms of school have flown by! The boys both got really good reports for the first half of the year. Then we were on a three week holiday... what to do, what to do...

The first week we went to our beloved Blanco Guest Farm. Such a treat. It was very cold but once bundled up it didn't stop the boys from riding their bikes, milking the cow, riding the horses, playing tennis, playing golf, and any other sport the kids could come up with. check out the site... http://www.blanco.co.za/ An absolute wonderful start to the holiday.

The second week was filled with Holiday Camp at Walmer Methodist Church in the mornings. The theme was the High Seas and they loved it! They also started piano lessons. I found a young college girl who loves teaching and music. The boys are already excited and have been practising on our keyboard everyday. I am reserving the purchase of a piano to see how interested they stay.

We had LOTS of rain!! Which was good since we are in a drought and have very strict water restrictions.. but it became too much of a good thing. Our entire side yard was flooded as if we had a second pool. Our kitchen ceiling was leaking. There was water everywhere!!! Now it has cleared up but still very wet.

The rest of the holiday break was filled with playdates with friends, going to see the new Cars movie, a few art projects, baking, cleaning out the toy stash and relaxing before the grind of early morning school and homework started back up.

Aiden lost another tooth the night before going back to school.. how exciting!! Tooth Fairy money.

And at the end of the holiday a very dear friend Megan turned 40!!! Happy Birthday my friend!!

I guess that was all for our holiday, now back to reality...up early, school, sports, homework. But there are always more adventures to come!

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