Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well I am sure you have been wondering where we have been...we went home to the good old USA for the Christmas holiday. It was great to see our friends and family!! We spent a month traveling around visiting and doing some really fun things.

We started the trip in Baltimore (after 31 hours of travel). It was great fun hanging out with Scott's sister Denise & Joe, Grandmom & Grandad and the girls... Devin, Quinn and Campbell. We got to watch Devin and Campbell play basketball - way to go girls! The kids made a gingerbread house... very fun and sweet. Scott & I got to go to the Ravens game!! And we took the boys to the Aquarium which is always so much fun.

In front of tree... chaos!

The first time in years I have gotten the boys to sit on Santa's lap (ok - maybe I bribed them but it worked!!)

The next leg of the trip was a week at Disney World in Florida!! It was great.. the boys have never been there so it was a great trip. They were sooo excited. Luckily we were joined by family!! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge which was gorgeous with its gigantic tree. It was very festive...We got to explore all the Disney parks and had a ball. Only wish it was a bit warmer.

Main Street, Magic Kingdom

The boys with MICKEY!! I know they don't look that thrilled....

The Duncan clan all at Disney... even the little Kierlin! Sooo cute!

The Bell family....

Cinderella Castle..what a wonderful site.. where dreams come true :).

So after the fairy tale.. we were off to visit friends in Atlanta and then to Nashville to hang out with the Duncan's for Christmas. We crammed alot into our days in the Music capital of the world. We went to a Titans football game, Predators Hockey game, visited with family, had a snow ball fight, went to see the amazing Ice show, toured downtown nashville, and were visited by Santa! Whew....

Go Titans!!!

Right on the Ice of the Predators game! A very nice surprise from Grammy & Poppy! The players were right next to us... so cool.

The annual show "ICE" and this year they added "SNOW"... The entire building is filled with the story carved out of ice... amazing. Then the boys had fun in the snow throwing snow balls at targets (and Poppy & Daddy)

The boys with Santa at Grammy's annual christmas party at work.

Christmas has come.... Boys made cookies for Santa

We had a white Christmas (ok not covered but a dusting counts!) SO the boys had to go out and throw snow balls at daddy...

We went out and looked at lights.. wow!

And the football game in the backyard ... a great american christmas tradition!!

Well after all the fun in Nashville, we headed back east to Fenwick Island Delaware for another christmas celebration with the Bell family and to celebrate New Years. We played putt-putt, built snowmen, and played with our cousins! Then Scott & I got together with some great friends for New Years! Awesome way to end our trip.

There was quite a bit more snow in Delaware.. so the boys were able to make some snow men...first attempt a small version.

Next.. the bigger version...

Then the snowball fight begins!

New Years.. after a great adult dinner with friends we came back to the Bell residence for the after party and to ring in the new year.. Great fun!

So that was our big December onto 2011!!!

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