Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who wants cake???

Well I have stared a new hobby - not like I needed one. I started doing cakes with the fondant icing.. I first did one for Evan's 5th birthday which turned out cute. So then I did one for my friend Megan's little girl Claire. And now I have done two more for friends..

Wizard of Oz theme...

My Dear Friend Hilary's cake... just girly

Mia's Farm Cake

The things I get myself into!!!


Amy B said...

Very impressive, especially the farm theme cake.

I did good for Matthew's birthday this year just to have a layer cake that didn't fall over. ;)

kirstyb said...

wow these cakes are amazing xxxx

Joan Anne said...

I love cakes!

Your so creative. I love your designs.

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