Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter with some great friends this year!! We headed to one of our favorite places, Kleinemonde, with our dearest friends... The Whitakers, McCartys, and the Goldbergs. We hung out at the beach, went out on the boat, saw lots of flying fish :), did some fishing, played lots of games, and had lots of fun!! Oh, and were visited by the Easter Bunny. What a great way to spend our last holiday in South Africa. Enjoy the photos of our adventures. Playing in the mud.... Hunter and Daniel - Dirty boys!
Driving the boat.. very serious work!
A wild lizard we saw along the banks of the river
A gorgeous owl..
Boys got a great gift of springbok skin rugs from the group! Lovely!!!!
The troublemakers... Love them all!!
As always, we had a great time!! Thanks friends!! Happy Easter!

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