Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas. It was very quiet but great! Spent the day having fun at home and tracking Santa online. We had a yummy Christmas eve dinner of ham, potatoes and salad,and of course cupcakes for dessert. Then the boys got to open their traditional one gift on Christmas eve. We left cookies out for Santa, carrots out for the reindeer and said goodbye to our Elf, Buddy. The boys must have been good this year because they had lots of gifts from Santa under the tree in the morning!! It was a great day. After we had something to eat and got moving we packed up and headed to one of our favorite places in SA.
Ready for a yummy dinner!!
New Books to read
Santa was generous!
Evan - playing his new drum.
Aiden ready for Cricket!
Hope everyone else had a fabulous Christmas! Will be our last in SA. Very Sad! But was Amazing!!! Now onto more adventures.

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