Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's happening?

Well our long holiday has begun and is going well. The boys are having a much needed break and enjoying having fun at home. They have been swimming, playing sports, chasing the dog, practising piano, and just being boys. They have also been going to a holiday program at SAMREC... an education and rehabilitation center mostly for the African penguins. They have enjoyed the beach and all the fun learning! Our Elf, Buddy, has arrived and has brought the boys advent calenders from Playmobil which was a big hit. And have decorated the house for Christmas. We also got the pleasure of attending the Rugby 7's tournament that was held here in PE. The games are short - 7 min a half, and there are only 7 players a side. Fast paced and lots of fun. A great event to enjoy with friends. So far the break has been great..still alot to come... Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, Santa's arrival, a lovely escape to Kleinemonde, a new year and lots more.. so keep watching!
Evan playing twinkle twinkle little star
Friends at the rugby! It was HOT!
Go Bokkes!!