Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Up?

It has been awhile since my last update, so what is up?

The boys are back at school for the third term, so it is back to the routine of school, and all the other activities!

I have started a pottery class that I absolutely LOVE! I will be posting some of my creations soon.

Sadie is getting big and chewing.. I think we finally have the house training under control now just to work on the chewing and biting.

We took the boys to see High School Musical on stage and they loved it. They were really excited to get the autographs of the main characters :).

We have still been working on the house, getting everything organized and getting all the little things to finish it off. We will take some photos and post them soon.

We had a long weekend at the beginning of August and went back to Blanco guest farm...Yes I know we were just there a month ago, but we took some friends who have never been before. It was a great weekend! I think that kind of place would be a gold mine in the states! WONDERFUL!!!

Right after that weekend, Scott went away for a weekend golfing with the guys. He had a great time and came home tired and sun burnt!

I have been working on our trip home in December. We have our flights booked and working on the Disney trip now. And now am starting to plan Evan's 5th birthday party..yikes! Aiden is getting ready for his big musical debut. The school is putting on a Musical.. Aiden's class has very small parts (I don't even think Aiden says a word). That is coming up in Sept so stay tuned for pics! Scott & I are having a big "housewarming" adult party next weekend... fun will be had!

So lots going on .. and time is flying by! Stay tuned, you never know what we will get into next!

Boys riding horses at Blanco!

The group at the top of the mountain.. What a view!!

The boys with Sadie!

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