Monday, April 26, 2010


A couple of weekends ago was the South Africa Ironman, held here in PE. It is an amazing event to watch. We headed to the beachfront with some friends to watch the swim and then the bike race. A couple of my friends did it! I am so proud! They did an amazing job. They have a kids competetion as well.. next year Aiden wants to do it. FUN! Here are some pics of the event.

The swimmers in the bay...

swimmers coming out of the water.. they do three laps in the sea and then out to the bikes..

Here are the sea of bikes ready to go.

My friends Debbie and Kevin Grey! Kevin has done the race many times and qualified last year for the national one in Hawaii. This year was Debbies first and she did great!!

The boys .. Aiden and Evan with their friend Ethan.

Wow -- soooo impressed!

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