Monday, March 1, 2010

What have we been up to?.......

Well it has been a great couple of weeks... We had a braai at Evan's school and it was a blast talking to the new parents and just having fun.
All the boys having a great time... Evan of course would not get in the picture.

All the wonderful teachers hard at work! Love them!!

The boys have also started Karate this term and really love it. They have also learned to count in Japanese. FUN!

Well it only took 6 years....I have always heard all the stories of friend's children getting scissors and cutting their own hair. I have not had that problem until now.. Aiden decided the front of his hair was too long and proceeded to chop it off... I guess mommy didn't schedule hair cuts fast enough. Can you see the chuck taken out of the center of his forehead??? And this is after mommy tried to "fix" it a little....

We also headed to Addo Elephant National Park this past weekend. It is only about 1 hour and 1/2 drive from our house. It is a beautiful park with of course lots of elephants... I think these have become my favorite african animal. The lion of course is amazing.. but the elephant is so graceful and just an awesome animal once you learn a little about them. Although when we stopped to watch a huge herd one crossed in front of our car and turned toward our car like he was going to charge... scarry!! We also had a picnic in the park, it was so nice. Just a great family day!!

OK - Well here is the BIG News! I have told most of you that we were told we would be heading back to the Good Ole USA sometime this year, well things change :) Scott has been asked to stay and help with some upcoming projects so we will be here for awhile. At least until 4th quarter 2011 possibly til June 2012. So all my friends that are interested in coming to visit you have some additional time!!! Start booking those flights. With the extension we will be coming home in December for a visit and hope to see alot of you then! So.. now I need to start looking at schools for Aiden. He will be going to Grade 1 next year.. WOW! My baby is growing up. We will be able to enjoy the great weather and all of the great adventures we have ahead of us. Yeah more traveling!!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Keep in touch!

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