Friday, October 23, 2009

Misty Gardens

Evan ended this week with a fun school outing. All of the Junior school... 2-5 yr olds went to a garden place that has a play area, parrot sanctuary and plenty of space to roam and play. The best part (according to the children) was the rid on the bus to the garden. I was one of the moms asked to go along.. I have to say we are blessed with the teachers we have! I know I couldn't do that full time!!! Anyway.. all the kids had a great time playing and just having a fun day. Enjoy the photos....
Evan on the bus

Play area

This is Ethan and Rejoice. Ethan is Evan's best friend and Rejoice is another very good friend.

One of the parrots on the kids shoulders

The smiley girls... Nicole, Rejoice and Aphilla. For some reason they were attached to me that day. They are fun!

Playing under the huge shade tree

Evan pointing to the dragonfly around the pond.

What a great day!

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