Monday, March 16, 2009

Sports Day

On Friday March 13th, the boys had their first Sports Day (aka Field Day). It was small but a lot of fun. They each had running races they participated in, Aiden had a running race with Scott's clothes on, a race with a spoon holding a smartie (m&m), and a sack race. Evan had a regular running race and a smartie race. They both did great and had a ball. Evan even got 3rd place in his smartie race. Yeah! At the end they made the mommies and daddies race.. I tried to hide but Aiden kept yelling for me. It was fun. Then the teachers raced which made the kids laugh because they acted so silly. It was a great morning of fun and the boys were really proud. Enjoy the photos.....

Evan all ready to go....

Aiden in his seat ready for the action.. they had asked the bigger kids to wear their parents clothes for a funny race.

Aiden Running the funny race with Daddy's clothes on!

Evan getting ready to run the smartie race. The little ones were allowed to hold the smartie down with their thumbs. Too Cute

There he goes... like the wind

He won 3rd place! Yeah Evan!

Aiden ready for the sack race...

Go Aiden Go....

Here are some of the teachers... they put on the kids hats and acted silly as they raced. Aiden's teacher is the second one from the left in the pink. Penny. She is wonderful!

Great morning of fun for everyone.

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